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Lee Whiteside


Welcome back to the web!

Eric Garcia

Wow -- hi, Lee! A blast from the past, an old friend from the Anonymous Rex days. Thanks for dropping by, and I promise (well, I hope strongly) to stick around a little more this time...

Hey Eric! Nice to see your website up and running again. (I'm a little "late to the party.")
Looking forward to seeing Repo Men. Loved the book.

OK. I feel like an idiot. Above message was from Joanne Kerns.

Eric Garcia

Thanks, Joanne (and by the way, I not only often forget to sign posts -- half the time I've forgotten what I've started typing by the time I've reached the end), and I'm so glad you liked the book. Very curious to hear your thoughts on the film, as well.

Happy to have the website here, and I do plan on keeping it up at least a weeeee bit better than last time. The blog format helps that a lot. Yay technological advancements!

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