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Justine Greene

Very cool stuff, Eric! Even though I got to interview you for Geek Speak Blog, I still enjoyed reading other interviews. I also had the pleasure of interviewing three of the four runners from the Repo Men Game by Lone Shark Games & Wired, tonight. Two of them are up on Geek Speak now, too. http://geekgyrlfriday.com/repomenrunners
Don't know which was more fun, talking to you or them! LOL It's a close run....
Thanks for sharing the info and your stories!

Eric Garcia

Loved speaking -w- you, as you know; I'm always up for interviews where we can mostly just blab for a while instead of having to stick on track and Only Speak Of The Work, which can get quite boring indeed. Hooray for tangents!

Fantastic interviews with the runners -- obviously they're coming at this all from a different place than I am, but it's amazing to see how the world's extended beyond the film, and even, in a way, beyond the game itself. It's the kind of thing we writers live for -- you create a world, and then it gets bigger, quite without your assistance.

As for who it was more fun talking to, I'll allow you to keep up the kind charade that they may have run a close second. I mean, they do sound great and all, but...

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