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Loved the movie, wanted to get the book. Thought I'd pop on and download an e-book copy. What's up with the pricing? I can buy the book for $7.99, but to get the download I have to pay $11.99? WTF? The e-book costs nothing to print, ship, etc. but it's $4.00 more? I might try to pick up a copy and a brick and mortar store this weekend, but I definitely won't be downloading it.

Eric Garcia

First: Glad you loved the film -- always great to hear.

Second: Doubly glad you wanted to buy the book. It's both very similar and very different and the only way for that to make sense is to experience it yourself.

Third: Aaaagh.

Don't even get me started on the e-book thing. I love e-books, I believe DEEPLY in e-books, I think if publishing is going to survive, that's the way it's going to happen. I'm a tech geek who has to fight my own impulse to be an early adopter to absolutely everything --

And they just haven't gotten them right yet.

Case in point, that pricing issue. That's ridiculous. I didn't even know that 'til you pointed it out. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TO CUT DOWN TREES, FOR GOD'S SAKE. Or hire lumberjacks. Let alone printers, shippers, rent on store, etc. etc.

Did I say Aaargh?

So, in short: Couldn't agree with you more. And I wish I had any control over it whatsoever, but I've learned, over the last 10 years, that my control extends from the first page of text to the last and that's about it.

Hey, at least it's better than the percentage of control a screenwriter gets...


Well, it's good to know that you don't control the pricing. I kinda figured it be Harper Collins doing the pricing. Guess they are afraid of technology.

Anyway, got a copy, can't wait to read it. I also noticed you've got some new Rex books. I picked up Anonymous Rex on a whim and really enjoyed it so now I guess I have to buy more.

Thanks for the reply and hope the movie did well this weekend. May have to see if again to make sure I didn't miss anything. We went to an early show and there weren't a lot of people in the theater, but we were having some weird weather here in Texas. My wife and I really enjoyed it and I'm sure the others in the theater thought we were weird because we found several parts very amusing.


I saw the film tonight, and I loved it!

I adored the ending so much I had to track down a way to tell you how great I found it, and I ordered a copy of the book from amazon as soon as I got home.

I don't do gushing very well, but I've wanted to be a writer for my entire life and seeing/reading something I find particularly good always puts me in such a great writing mood.


Eric Garcia

@Grannonelf -- don't know if Harper's afraid of tech or just really behind the curve. It's funny, I'm just now dealing -w- ebooks on my other books as well, some of which have Kindle/Nook/Whatever editions in place, some don't. The publishers are just coming 'round to this newfangled Interweb thing.

As for the film, not doing great at the box office, but perhaps that's just the nature of it. In any case, I'm glad you loved it, 'cause I love it, too -- and the fact that you were laughing is *exactly* the reaction we want, and perhaps where we encounter some resistance. Dark comedy and satire is always the hardest to get through to a mainstream audience -- and yet that's where I always live. Wouldn't have it any other way, tho. Please let me know once you've read the book, and if you enjoy the other Rex books, as well!

@ DannoMack -- thanks to you, as well, and also glad you dug the film. The ending, for me, is genius in the way Miguel filmed and cut it -- it's exactly how we'd always envisioned and then some. The funny thing is, it's that ending which seemed to take the biggest brunt of the bad reviews -- which is beyond me. People seemed very concerned with the mixing of sex and violence, but seemed to miss the message and satire behind it. Obviously they just didn't get it, and that's okay -- takes all types.

As for the book, the ending is actually quite, quite different, and I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts, here or via email, as to how it worked for you.

Keep up with whatever you're writing -- just put in the time, day after day after day, and it'll come. I always find that reading and watching other things I love spur me on and put me in a positive mood, creatively, and I'm glad that I could provide that for you, too!

Surfer Jay

We missed you at Book Soup the other night. Are you going to re-schedule? Or schedule anohter signing in Los Angeles area any time soon?

Eric Garcia

Hey Surfer Jay -- I missed y'all, too. It's a long story, but in short: it was a family thing. I'd love to try and re-schedule something; I'm just getting into it now. And I'll make sure to announce it way ahead of time to give everyone a chance to come check it out. As usual, I'll do my song-and-dance routine... well, song at least. Dancing might be best left at home...


So I did finally read the book, and as much as I liked the film, I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I enjoyed the book just as much if not more.

I really like the premise of the whole thing and I think you executed it extremely well. Looking forward to your next screenplay/novel!

Also, Eric, do you have a Twitter account?

Account Deleted

I must say that your story will have a great effect upon the audience.But i didn't liked the ending.Because i like happy's Endings.But your ending was enjoyable too . Good luck ,Hope your next book will also be made a movie.

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