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Mark Levitt

Well, not that you could fly here now, but any chance of a trip to the UK?

Either way, can't wait until the DVD comes out (unless you think it's suitable for a 3 year old?)

Eric Garcia

Well, I guess it depends on the 3-year-old. Does she have a strong stomach and/or darkly comic disposition? I heard someone fainted at the recent UK press screening -- but that was an adult...

Yeah, probably best not to take the 3-year-old to see the film. But I'm sure she'd love to hear you read her the book. It makes for a perfect bedtime story.

And I'd love to get the UK one of these days, as I've been saying for quite some time now... but there's that whole volcanic ash thing, so there goes the next decade or so.


This is totally off topic but I noticed this link on reddit and thought Eric would be ammused:


Hey and contrats on the success of repomen!

-Sam (sometimes on mswm)


Eric your book was "RepoMen" was excellent an I loved the additional section you added about what you had to go through to get it produced into a movie. Sadly the director and producer lost your original and interesting story in the process and totally screwed up your book. I hope next time you keep more control of your stories which are so much better than the adaptation the studios guys created.

Still a great fan of your writing but the movie sucked!


Hey, Eric, it's Carla from Yale. Proud of you!

Billy Wilson

Hey Eric, Matchstick Men is one of my all time favorite movies. And now Repo man is working it's way into my favorites. I've seen it 4 times now and it just never gets old. I loved the book also. And as usual the book is always better than the movie. So i was just wondering when you would be releasing a new book? Good luck with your writing and i hope to see another book soon!

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